All Weather Enclosure

for Polar DC Generators

Commercial and Residential Solar Hybrid Power Systems
Uninterruptable Power Systems

Designed for

  • Lombardini FOCS 702 and 1003 with 6200 series alternators
  • Perkins 402D-05, 403D-07, 403D-11 with 8000 or 6200 series alternators
  • Lister Petter LPW 2, LPW 3 with 8000 or 6200 series alternators
  • Yanmar 3TNV70, 3TNV76 with 8000 or 6200 series alternators
  • Isuzu 3CB1, 3CA1 with 8000 or 6200 series alternators
  • Daihatsu 950P with 8000 or 6200 series alternators


In foul weather a generator is needed the most; utility power can be interrupted or the solar and wind power can diminish in capacity. This is the time when telecommunications are needed the most to support emergency services and keep families in contact with each other. Polar’s unique All Weather Enclosure is designed to keep the generator operational in high winds, rain, snow, and extreme temperatures.

Screens and baffles are in place to keep the weather elements out, along with rodents and other animals, who can interfere with the operation of the generator.

Polar’s All Weather Enclosure keeps the generator noise to a minimum. The noise level is dependent on the engine and power level selected. Using our electric radiator, the typical noise level for LPG and natural gas engines is 63 to 68 dBa and for diesel is 65 to 70 dBa, at 7 meters. (Please note that our sets can be as quite as other companies claiming 55 to 60 dBa, as most manufactures tend to exaggerate the noise performance of their generator.)



All aluminum construction  for corrosion resistance and long service life. Polar enclosures are made with thick aluminum sheets of 2.3 mm (0.090”) for strength.

Polar’s light weight enclosure facilitates transportation to the site via small vehicle, helicopter, or multi-person carry.

The aluminum enclosure accepts Polar’s electric radiator or the engine belt driven fan assembly. The electric radiator reduces fuel consumption by up to 15% and noise by up to 30%.

Forklift slots serve as helicopter/crane lifting points.

The enclosure design is designed to retain spilled oil, fuel, and coolant as required at certain installation sites.

The fuel tank is optional to our All Weather Enclosure. A 200 liter fuel tank can mounted under the enclosure. Customers have installed on site fuel tanks ranging from 20 to 1,000 gallons according to their site refueling requirements. Certain installations even prefer that the fuel tank is remote to the enclosure.

Oil drain is accessible from the outside of the enclosure depending on engine style.

The Power Terminal is accessible through the external junction box.

Fuel connections are accessible through standard ¼” NPT fittings.

Dual Access: Operators can gain acces to the DC generator either through the bolt-on side panels or the hinged top.



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