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Polar DC Marine AB a joint venture between Polar Power Inc and a Swedish marine company has been dissolved.
The marine generators and accessories are returning to Polar Power Inc for continued sales and support.
Our marine generators were always developed and manufactured by Polar Power Inc. Polar DC Marine was created for only marketing and service.
We are now looking for viable companies to join with us in marketing the most advanced DC power systems to Marine / RV customers.
We will be rebuilding this site and expanding our products and services under www.polarpowerinc.com

Polar DC Marine’s goal is to provide technology that will both increase your yachting pleasure and reduce its environmental impact. We offer the most efficient technologies and products that will also increase your boating safety and reliability.

Polar DC Marine efficiently integrates DC generators, DC motors, batteries, inverters, DC air-conditioners, and other accessories into a well engineered system that will enhance your boating pleasure and safety. Your fuel usage will dramatically decrease along with the run time of your generator providing less: noise, vibration, smell, maintenance, and operating cost.

Our DC propulsion motors are engineered for the task and, unlike others, are not a conglomeration of belts, brackets, multiple motors, and spray paint marinization.

Polar DC Marine through its partnerships and joint ventures has unique access to products and components that are used in demanding aerospace, military, and telecommunications power systems that are typically not available for recreational marine applications. These high performing components are the foundation of our product line. Our products exceed marine performance requirements, providing longer service life in the harshest marine conditions.

Traditional marine power systems are too heavy, large in volume, waste fuel, and not sufficiently reliable. We know that when you are on the water, you must be able to trust your power equipment. It simply cannot break. If a failure does occur, a rapid and convenient process must be in place to restore it. With these strict requirements, it is not surprising that the technology behind most of our products was originally developed for applications in aerospace, military, and telecommunications.

Our marine engineered DC power equipment provides:

  • Unmatched Reliablity
  • High Energy Efficiency
  • Compact Footprint
  • Ease of Installation
  • Years of Trouble-Free Maintenance.

Polar DC Marine systems and products are very cost effective and will lower your operating expense.

To learn more about our innovative products visit the Applications portion of our web site. Please feel free to Contact Us for questions assistance in choosing the right product and the right sizing for your specific application.

Feel free to download a color copy of our Polar DC Marine Brochure

Featured Products

Filter Refining Pack

Oil refining:
- Extend the engines service life
- Extends the oil change interval
- Reduces the operational cost of the generator/engine

Diesel Fuel refining:
- Significant improvement on generator reliability
- Reduces generator set failure due to water in fuel
- Improves fuel injector service life and reliability.
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Lithium Ion Battery Packs

Polar Power
Has now added lithium ion battery charging capability. The Supra control system now has the capability of monitoring each cell of the lithium ion battery pack and automatically regulating the current and voltage required for long battery life and safe charging. We will also be offering lithium ion battery packs as part of our Complete Solutions Program.

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5.5 kW DC Generator
Engineered primarily for cruising yachts with heavy electrical loads

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8 kW DC Generator
A three cylinder diesel engine – recommended for those that will depend heavily on their air-conditioners.
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14 kW DC Generator
Engineered for cruising yachts and commercial vessels with medium electrical loads.
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20 kW DC Generator
Engineered for large cruising yachts and commercial vessels with heavy electrical loads.
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Soft Enclosure

Polar DC Marine’s soft enclosure protects the generator and provides flexibility in tight places.